Yard Sale Depot is getting a Makeover!

Yard Sale Depot is undergoing a makeover!!! We’re working very hard to remodel our store to serve our customers needs better. The renovations are more then half way done so things are getting exciting!!!.. We are open our normal business hours during this time. We’ll let you know when everything is complete! Stop in anytime to check out our progress :-) )

Laurie & Cliff

100 Times!!!!!

100 Times!!!!

100 Times that’s how many times you would have to shop at

Yard Sale Depot to complete 10 of our Loyalty cards.  Do you think it’s possible??


Joe has done it!!!!

We have been documenting his journey from his very first loyalty card all the way through now as he has finished his 10th card.

Thats a minimum of 100 trips to our store. :-)

Joe has received for completing ten loyalty cards 10 -$20.00 gift cards to spend on what ever he would like at our store.  That’s a total of $200 of free merchandise!

Joe what can we say.  Congratulations!  You have earned the title of “most loyal” customer.  LOL  You are truly a pleasure to have at our store and you have become more then just a customer you are a dear friend.

Joe you hold the title for now but we have other customers who are right behind you.  Will they be crowned “most loyal”  or will you continue to shop and enjoy the great benefits our store offers and remain the leader.  Stay tuned!

Welcome Groupon Customers!

Dear Groupon Customer,

We are excited to meet all our new Groupon Customers!

If you are a brand new Groupon Customer and have never been to our store before please let us know and you will receive a FREE gift!  If you have any questions about our store you can always call us 631-561-1023

Cliff & Laurie are the owners of Yard Sale Depot and they are both happy to help you in any way they can.

Our store hours -





1560 Ocean Ave

Bohemia NY 11716

We are located just south off of Veterans Memorial Highway

Cliff & Laurie


Yard Sale Depot :-)

It’s Superman . . .

It’s A Bird … It’s A Plane … It’s Superman!!! Or you can call him by his given name “Joe”!

Joe has officially finished his 9th Loyalty card. 9 TIMES!!! WOW

Congratulations Joe!

Joe you truly are a Yard Sale Depot Loyal Customer and theres no stopping you. We thank you so much for your continued support! You are always a pleasure to have shopping around our store and you have become a great friend.

Will he get up to his 10th card?? Stay tuned to find out.

(For anyone who doesn’t know what our loyalty card/program is here are the details… You receive a loyalty card if you make a purchase of ten dollars or more at our store. Each time you shop with us and spend another ten dollars or more you would receive another hole punch in your loyalty card. Once your loyalty card has ten hole punches in it you receive a $20.00 gift card good towards anything you would like to purchase at Yard Sale Depot)

Open Father’s Day (10-6pm)

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

Yard Sale Depot will be OPEN!

10:00am-6:00pm all day on Father’s Day 

Stop by with your Dad!

Enjoy your special day to all those awesome Dads!

Cliff & Laurie 

1560 Ocean Ave
Bohemia NY 11716


Open All Mother’s Day Weekend! 10-6pm

We will be open normal business hours this weekend.


Indoor Yard Sale Store
Yard Sale Depot
1560 Ocean Ave
Bohemia, NY 11716


Open Rain or Shine :-)

Just south off of Veterans Memorial Highway.

All Clothing 50% Off Today!

Furniture, Antiques, Flat screen TV’s, collectibles, comic books, baseball cards, children’s toys, clocks, tools, recliners, housewares, bakeware, linens, fine china, board games, electronics, CD’s, DVD’s, records, musical instruments, brand new items still factory sealed, luggage, picture frames, cameras, jewelry, lamps, glassware, dolls, small accent furniture, 100′s of books, wall art, pet products, baskets, strollers, bikes, car seats, rugs, pillows, adult/children clothing, hats, shoes, sporting goods, seasonal items, and so much more!

2000 square feet of treasures :-)

Check out our hugely popular loyalty program

Like US!

Walt just finished his first loyalty card!

Walt finished up his first loyalty card!

Every time you come into our store, and you spend over $10, you get one hole punch on your loyalty card.

Finish your loyalty card, and earn a $20 gift card toward anything in the store!

Here’s your map!

Where does your Yard Sale Treasure Map lead you? We hope to Yard Sale Depot!!! LOL

You have new goodies for the weekend

Hope to see all our friends this weekend.

1560 Ocean Ave
Bohemia NY 11716


We sell on eBay

Would you like to see more items then what’s available at our store.

You can find some of our items listed on eBay here . . .


New items added daily!

Do you know what day it is????

The Camel Say’s It’s WEDNESDAY!

Yard Sale Depot is OPEN ON WEDNESDAYS!

A mid week yard sale, now we’re talkin!

1560 Ocean Ave
Bohemia NY 11716


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